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Daily Deviations Week

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Daily Deviations Week

This one's a bit about communication etiquette ;) First and foremost I believe that we should treat each other with respect and courtesy, be it outside in the world or inside behind our computer screens.

Let's talk about the difference between disapproving of an artwork and disapproving of a Daily Deviation feature. To me those are two very distinctive scenarious, that I will try to explore in this article.

I will use the word "disapprove" as an umbrella word for all the instances of not liking, not understanding, not agreeing with, not seeing the point of it, questioning the difficulty or technical skills, noticing mistakes or flaws, not liking/understanding the genre, medium or style, etc. pp.

Another disclaimer that should be made is that art is highly subjective. Everybody reacts differently to something and as such no two people view an artwork in the same exact way. What you disapprove of, may be someone else's highlight of their day.

Also keep in mind that one thing that many people see as the point of an artwork is to create a reaction. A strong like is just as good as a strong dislike.

Art should create a reaction. Whether it's good or bad does not matter.

So let's dive into the differences between disapproving of an artwork/deviation and a feature and I will try to explain more about each scenario.

Disapproving of an artwork

We all know the scenario: There is an artwork we don't like/understand/agree with… the list of why we cannot connect to a certain piece of art is long. Too long to list them all. To me, there are only two ways to handle such a situation.

    A) I move on

    B) I try to express my disapproval in order to help the artist improve, if there are flaws in the artwork that make me not like it, or simply to say why I cannot see the artwork for what it is.

For some people there is also

    C) be an arse about it and insult the artwork/artist. I can only fathom the reasons behind this, the easiest for me to understand is, as it happens, the troll, who only chooses C because he enjoys hurting other people and relishes in their pain. Others may fear/hate what they don't understand and find security in aggression.

What to do when you disapprove of an artwork?

  • If you cannot explain your disapproval any further than to the point that you disapprove, there is really nothing to do. You should probably just move on and forget about it.
  • Take more time, come back to the artwork. Do not give in to your first impulse of disagreement. I find that not spending enough time looking at an artwork often times results in harsh and impolite reactions.
  • A more graceful way is to acknowledge the effort or other qualities of the artwork, while maintaining your disagreement. By doing so, you tend to spend more time looking at the artwork and you may find something else. This is not always the case, but it might be worth a try.
  • If you disapprove of an artwork due to the technical quality, try to give the artists constructive feedback on the areas they need to improve on. If the technique is an issue, what about the message or concept of the work? These two factors are often overlooked, so why not give them a try? You may actually end up saying something positive about the work!
  • If you disapprove because you do not understand the message or the concept or don't get the joke, maybe the artist has shown great technical skill. This goes with a previous point, but you can acknowledge the work, by pointing out the positive things, while letting the artist know that you do have an issue with it.

If all of this cannot be applied, move on. There is absolutely no need to be rude about it.

Disapproving of a Daily Deviation feature

This scenario can be taken to another level, when such a deviation, is featured as a Daily Deviation for millions to be viewed in the spotlight for 24 hours. Now you may not only disapprove of the artwork, but also of the fact that it has been featured so prominently.

If you disapprove with the artwork AND the feature, you are of course welcome to do one of the things listed before.

BUT as for the part about disapproving of the feature aka as the fact that the deviation is highlighted very prominently for 24 hours … your motivation may be entirely different.

As Community Volunteers we strive to give an explanation for why something was featured. It is a thin line between giving away too much or not making it clear enough. Just as for the artist, that does not want to spoil his work, by giving a detailed description of every reason for every detail in an artwork. Sometimes the reason are disregarded by the viewer, be it due to simply not reading them, or being too angered by the feature as to not find the time to actually think about the work.

The problem with telling the artist that you disapprove of them being features is: the artist has no influence on whether his work is featured or not. They will not be able to explain why their work was featured. It makes no sense to ask the artist such a question. The only thing accomplished by leaving a "Why is this a DD?" comment, is making the artist feel bad about their work.

There are many "rumours" as to what a Daily Deviation is "supposed" to be. The only set rule is, that it has to be a deviation and not a scrap. Any category is eligible.

Why would you disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

  • The artwork does not comply with your personal taste?
    Tough luck, it's not about taste. Don't tell the artist merely that you don't like their work. Why should they please you anyway? The world does not revolve around you ;)
  • You think someone else deserves a feature more?
    Don't comment with that on the deviation, instead suggest who you thinks deserves the feature! There are plenty of days left for others to be featured.And here is where you can find all the CVs you can suggest to.
  • You think someone else has done a better job at a similar deviation?
    Would you like to have "Oh, someone else did this much better than you. You don't deserve this!" written under one of your artworks?
  • You think the medium/category is not DD worthy?
    Don't be elitist. There is no category class system that makes one gallery better than the other. Putting art into categories and trying to put a quality label on them is nothing but narrow minded and snobbish. Let's not do that, mkay.
  • You disapprove because the content of the artwork goes against your personal moral compass?
    If it's a Daily Deviation, you can be sure, that it's a legitimate submission and as such eligible for a DD. Also don't forget that DA is a US based website and as such follows Western laws and standards of what is allowed and what is not. The name of the website should also indicate that controversial submissions are not only allowed, but also welcome here.

What to do when you disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature?

The FAQ #873: What do I do when I disapprove of a Daily Deviation feature? answers all your questions, but here's the gist of it anyway:

  • Do NOT comment your disapproval with the feature itself under the deviation.
  • If you must air your disapproval, you should contact Moonbeam13 about it.


It is completely fine and, with the right etiquette, welcome to critique and give feedback to a deviation, whether it is a normal submission or a Daily Deviation feature.

However it is not okay to blame the deviant for something they had no influence on and did not ask for, like one of their works being featured as a Daily Deviation

No matter what your reason of disapproval may be, don't be an arse about it. ;)

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