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What type of artwork do you tend to create? 

139 deviants said Digital Art
79 deviants said Traditional Art
33 deviants said Photography
19 deviants said Literature
18 deviants said Manga & Anime
17 deviants said Artisan Crafts
16 deviants said Fan Art
8 deviants said Other: Please comment!
6 deviants said Cartoons & Comics
No deviants said Resources and Stock

What's Happening?


F e l l a . 0 2 by thekidKaos

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Photomanipulation Weekend

Meet New Artists

There’s too many new artists popping up all the time sometimes it's hard to find new talents in a such a big community as Deviantart!.
New talents always arise, but not all get exposure many are still hidden, others get a lot of attention, It's really hard to look for new artists, but you can easily find new talent in art features, for example, so keep an eye on journals, Keep looking and make features to promote our community artists!.

Let's meet some new artists who recently started in our great art community.

Featured Artists

Cristian Maciel started in the community a short time ago, with two photomanips already showing great potential.

Could you tell us a bit about your start in Photoshop and DA community?


I started in the Deviantart community 3 years ago, although my account shows only two years. I used another account with a similar name, so as of today it's been 3 years since the day I created it.

When I made my account, I began to see that I was very weak the arts of the members of the Deviantart were of another dimension compared to mine, They were far ahead, so I focused on them as inspiration, in order to reach their level, or even reach a point when it's them who begin to observe me.

I started working with photoshop about 5 or 6 years ago, but I concentrated more on doing covers for web pages or even for Youtube, doing banners for channels and for my channel of AMVs.

I've also participated in Facebook groups that organized tournaments with some prizes the winner could get cash, materials etc ...

Encantation by Son-Reborn

Iasmina Killha started one year here in Deviantart, with little time showed great talent and recently won her first Daily Deviation.

Could you tell us a bit about your start in Photoshop and DA community?

:iconiasmykillha: beginnings with Photoshop.
Well, I started to do Book Covers on the phone. It was awful, but I liked it, and I wanted to do more. I searched a lot and I found Deviantart for me, it was amazing to see so many artists. I never knew that such a community existed I found out that a lot of people use Photoshop.

My question was: ''What is Photoshop?'', I was sure it was some difficult program for adults. I asked my dad to download it for me, and there it was - on my laptop. As soon as I saw it, I thought ''Well, this is not that hard''. I searched for tutorials on Youtube and I found out a lot of things. One thing I never did was to follow the full tutorial. I watched it, I paid attention, and I moved on.The things I learned were used in my own original projects, I started simple, which helped me a lot.

DA community also helped me. I found out about the contests and the Daily Deviations (never knew what those were). I started to post here on DA one year ago and I continued so far. DA has taught me a lot, other artists were showing me things I never knew. I'm still a beginner in this community, but I hope I will become better in the future.

Ragnarok by IasmyKillha

Irina E. a talented artist with only one year on deviantart, has already won two Daily Deviations.

Could you tell us a bit about your start in Photoshop and DA community?


My first experience with Photoshop was in 2010.
I started with a little photo retouching, once in a while.
Soon enough, I became interested in animation and focused on that. It was my hobby for quite a long time, but one day I wanted to try something new.

Photomanipulation always fascinated me, and by the way, I first learned about photomanipulation through Deviantart's gallery.
I accidentally stumbled on to DA a long ago and since then, I came back to this site again and again. It‘s a great place and an endless source of inspiration. There are so many wonderful artworks and talented artists.

Some time (around 3 years) ago I started learning from tutorials and practicing photomanipulation. When my manipulations began to look more or less acceptable, I finally got up the courage to join DA.

Ruler of the sea by Twinkle-space

Romario is a talented artist from Jamaica. Within a short time on deviantart (1 year), he has already caught the attention of many here and has already received his first Daily Deviation.

Could you tell us a bit about your start in Photoshop and DA community?


I started to do some research about photo editing with Photoshop to get a better understanding of, and by early 2014 I started to do digital art. In that time I learned a lot about photomanipulation, it was really captivating; I really fell in love with it, and watching tutorials about it was really amazing. But I was really impatient, I got frustrated a lot when editing… I even stopped using the software for months, but I got around that. So in that year I learned a lot and started to do manipulation without tutorials.

Whenever I visit websites and watch tutorials I always hear about Deviantart. I always see quotes such, “It‘s always a great place to view quality art and get inspiration”. So I always visited this website. I always wanted to create an account but I was very reluctant in doing so. The quality of art always discouraged me. So I didn’t really create an account until late 2015. I submitted some of my amateur works that day, but Deviantart was still a big pond with some very large fishes. I tried to swim around, but I found out there were even larger fishes than those other big fishes… and when comparing my art to theirs, it really gave me a smack to the self-esteem. I persevered and in 2016 I started to familiarize myself with the website and got the feel of it. I met some very amazing artists and made some pretty cool friends. The manipulation community here is really amazing; they are always encouraging each other. That’s what I really love about DA. Even amateur artists can feel welcomed and don’t have to feel discouraged. We were all amateurs at one point, right?

Temple Of Zuma by JayGraphixx


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