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What type of weeks would you like us to host in the following months? 

123 deviants said Fan Art Week
60 deviants said (General) Digital Art Week
57 deviants said DeviantArt Week (hints/tips/info about DA)
54 deviants said Art History Week
51 deviants said Anthro Week
39 deviants said Daily Deviations Week (learn all about DDs)
30 deviants said Stock & Resources Week
20 deviants said Fractal Art Week
15 deviants said Community Volunteer Week (learn about CVs)
12 deviants said OTHER: Please tell us via comment!

What's Happening?


F e l l a . 0 2 by thekidKaos

Find your favorite art form in education format by either browsing the galleries on the right or visiting #projecteducate's 2013 Roundup. To find out what's coming up in 2015 check out the schedule.

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Poetry Week Needs YOU!

Fri Jan 6, 2017, 8:16 AM by brennenxr:iconbrennenxr:

Poetry Week

Hello, everyone!  projecteducate will be hosting a Poetry Week February 6th through 12th, and we need your help to make it as informative as possible.  If there's something you could share with the world, whether it be a guide to poetry forms, or perhaps a how-to guide on polishing your poem before publishing it here at DA, we'd love to hear your ideas and have them be a part of our Poetry Week! Send a note to brennenxr or CRLiterature with your idea to get it reviewed for inclusion.

We've had previous poetry weeks, so be sure to make sure your idea doesn't overlap too much with those articles.  If they're similar, that's okay, but try to add something new the original article didn't share.

Possible ideas for Poetry Week:

  • Guide to poetry terminology
  • Updated poetry publishing guide
  • How to critique poetry
  • Anything else you can think of!

We look forward to hearing from you! :love:

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CRCP Award Winners

CRCP Award - March 2015 by DMD-CT

Want to get involved?

There are many ways in which you can get involved with projecteducate and if you'd like to write an article or lead a week we would love to hear from you!

:star: Open Positions at Project Educate! :star:

Community Weeks

We have an upcoming Community Week which you can read more about here. Community Weeks are designed to get the Community involved in Project Educate. We want YOUR articles, whatever the topic, as long as the focus is educational. We also want YOUR leadership, you could apply to lead a Community Week for us! Find out more, here.

Art History

Art History weeks are all about the history of art! You can pick the topic you want to write about and post it during one of our Art History Weeks, or you could even co-lead an Art History Week! Send us a note if you're interested!

Art Medium Related Weeks

We regularly run Art Medium Related weeks here at projecteducate and if you feel like you could help out either by co-leading a week or by contributing to one then check out the schedule here to see what's coming up and send us a note with your idea(s)!

Suggestions, Feedback and Ideas?

We actively encourage all of the above and invite you to note the group with your thoughts and feedback. Look forward to hearing from you!


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Can I have an invite? I can't join groups on my tablet or phone
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Thanks for accepting.Love 
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Hi ^^

I was wondering whatever happened to the 'Be a Guiding Light' contest Be A Guiding Light: Tutorial Contest! 2 days left!? There were some lovely entries, and I think everyone would love to know what you thought of them :) 

Thank you for your time, have a nice day!
ArtLuna2016 Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2016  Student Artist
What's is happening to me!😫😫Awesome😊
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whats up every body???
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