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Artists Toolbox!

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Artists Tools - It's a wrap!

Sun Oct 19, 2014, 10:31 AM by Kaz-D:iconkaz-d:

Artists Tools!

Huge thanks to all those involved in the latest Artist's Tools week - we've had some fabulous articles which have covered a huge range of topics. If you missed anything then please do check out the articles below and show the love! 

Artists' Toolbox: The 50mm LensAstrikos for projecteducate
Nifty Fifty
The 50mm lens is a great, great lens.
It's versatile, fast and bright, and mimics the view of the human eye (on a full frame. If shot with an APC-S size sensor, it ends up being more like a 80mm). It's also light and easy to carry around. Not only that, but the f/1.8 variety is usually very cheap. The one I use was priced at around $100. Of course, there's the extremely nice f/1.4 variety, but that costs a lot more. If you need a sharp prime lens on a budget, the 50mm f/1.8 is a great deal. 
Prime lenses: Prime lenses do not have a zoom range. They're often sharper than their zoom lens counterparts because they lack the extra moving glass elements that the zoom need. This allows them to capture clearer images and are usually sharper. Since prime lenses are simpler, they usually can open up pretty wide, making them faster and more useful in low light situations.
One of the best th
  Tea PaintingArtist's Toolbox
It smells lovely and gives beautiful sepia tones and great textures - what's not to love about tea and coffee painting?

Different effects and shades can be acquired by using different kinds of tea. Black tea is the easiest to use, since it's also the easiest to make the darkest essence with it, while white tea and green tea are much harder in this manner. I prefer teabags (only for painting though), but using leafy tea can create interesting textures, if you leave the leaves on paper until the whole layer dries. You can use tea bags as stamps!
Painting with coffee is similar, although the differences in shade aren't that significant. You need to be careful with instant coffee - thick layers can get sticky and shiny even after it's dry. Ground coffee and textures go along very well, if you leave the grounds on paper, ju
  Artists Toolbox: MarkersArtists Tool Box: Markers
So today I want to talk to you guys about one of my favourite colouring tools: markers.  We've all seen them and used them, from the scented ones that some of us tried not to lick in grade 1 to the Crayolas that are everywhere to Sharpie Markers in the back-to-school section to the fancy markers that can only be bought in art supply stores.  So here's what you need to know about markers :la:
The Basics
Cheap or expensive, easy to find or not, markers can be easily broken down into 2 types: water-based and alcohol-based.  For the sake of simplicity, I'm going to stick with 4 of the most common brands of art markers: Sharpies, Prisma Colors, Copics and Lyra Aqua Brush Pens.  Of these, only the Lyra markers are water-based; the other 3 are alcohol based.
Lyras, Copics and Prisma Colors tend to be double ended; one end tends to have a wider, wedge shaped tip and the other end typically has a finer tip or a brush.  Sharpies are single ended

Writing On The GoArtist's Toolbox
What I really like about projecteducate is that the articles are not lectures taught in person. Because of this, I can sit in a car and type up my article while waiting on my sister to get done with her art class. Of course, I still have to put the article into Stash and work on coding when I get back into a wifi zone, but 75% of the work is done! :dummy: Writing when you're out and about really helps you plow through your list of things to write so today I'll teach you some tips and tricks to make writing on the go easy and more enjoyable!
Times to Write
The Commute
I'm assuming most everybody reading this goes to school or work away from home which means you'll have to commute to work or school. If you drive yourself to work or school, skip over this section for it will have nothing valuable for you. If, however, you ride in a cab or bus or whatever and do not get sick while reading in a moving vehicle, this is for you. The comm
  PencilsArtist's Toolbox
Let’s talk about pencils, the handy tool that every artist uses. The pencil can seem pretty basic at first glance, just a mundane everyday object. But the pencil can create magic:
There are a variety of brands of pencils that you can use for art and a variety of kinds. Let’s quickly look at some examples:
Graphite Pencils: This is your humble every day pencil. It is useful for sketches and full scale black and white work. There are many brands ranging from cheap to expensive. Art graphite pencils vary in hardness. The best way to think of hardness is how easily the graphite smudges or applies to the paper.  F is the lightest and the hardest lead (the graphite filling of a pencil) and 9B is the softest and darkest lead
  5 Tools for Photographing JewelleryArtists Tools
There are quite a few photographs on DeviantART that depict Jewellery and in particular Jewellery photography is popular within the Artisan Crafts and Still Life galleries. So here are some basic tips to capturing your Jewellery at its best whether you want to sell your products or just show them off.. 
Light Boxes
I've recently used one of these to do some commercial photography and they work quite well. They're great for photographing small items on white backgrounds and having that clean, sharp commercial look. For those that haven't used them before, Lightboxes are translucent surfaces illuminated from behind which are designed to highlight the shape laid upon them in high contrast. Think about those boxes used to highlight X-rays in a hospital - just like that. They can be fairly decently priced and you can pick up bargains on places like Ebay. There's also a great article talking you through how to create your own. Check it out

DIY Photography ToolsArtists Tools
Articles focusing on DIY tools for Photography are numerous.... therefore we're not going to repeat one this week! Instead we are going to point you to ten awesome tutorials for doing it yourself with regards to Photography. These easy, cheap and often very successful ideas will help you now and in the future, some will stay with you for life and some are great little 'life hacks' to get you through until you can afford and justify purchasing the top notch equipment!
Canon users - DIY Remote Trigger
This is an American idea so it estimates the cost to be around '3 bucks.' To the brits reading this article, that's approximately £ the rest of you, well, it's pretty damn cheap regardless! Instructables have a great article explaining how it's possible to build your own remote trigger from a mobile phone hands free kit.
  Silver Soldering ToolsArtist's Toolbox
Silver soldering is one of many different types of soldering, and is a commonly used technique in jewelry-making. There are many different tools that can be used for silver soldering - I will go over the basic tools that I use in my soldering endeavors, but there are certainly a lot more than I will be able to cover in this article!
The first and most obvious "tool" in silver soldering is the solder itself. Silver solder is just that - it is silver alloys that are specifically created to melt at certain temperatures in order to be perfect for varying soldering jobs. The silver solder that I use comes in sheets & is cut into small chips in order to be used. There are different 'levels,' if you will, of solder - most commonly called Hard, Medium, Easy (and I sometimes use Extra Easy).
The difference between the 'levels' is the temperature at which they each melt. Hard solder melts at the hottest temperature, and Extra Easy at th
  Artists Toolbox: Digital Tutorials and Fur BrushesArtists Toolbox
Work With The Best
As a Digital Artist our world of creativity comes with a wide variety of tools at our disposal. Here you will find a list of tutorials that will help you with your Digital Art. Whether it's with backgrounds, details, or just brushes.
Why Should I use Tutorials For My Digital Art?
Digital Art is becoming increasingly popular for artists transitioning from traditional art to another medium. It's a medium that has a wide variety of options available to every artist out there and that's why it's so appealing ( among other long listed reasons )! Tutorials are essential but how do you know which one to choose?
Who's The Artist? This might seem like a silly question but it's important to look at the artist in which the tutorial is created from. Does their tutorials exhibit an array of skill that will be helpful to you? Is it clear and concise? Does examples of their own art display

Math and Programming for Fractal ArtistsArtist's Toolbox
Math and programming may look as scary subjects sometimes, but it is quite a useful tool when you are creating algorithmic art. After all, it is algorithic art =)
Understanding how your favourite software works
Of course, you do not need to be able to create a brand new fancy perfect fractal software from blank =) Still, some basic knowledge of how things work may be useful. Understanding the math behind a formula or a transformation can help you to find some cooler settings for it, or combine it sucessfully with other things. Being able to read some code usually helps, since there are very few tutorials and explanations on how things actually work (and not "add this, and then more around those sliders).

Creating your own custom plugins / formulas
Sometimes, the existing things just don't do what you want. It could be just a tiny little change in a formula. With some basic programmi
  Color Theory for Fractal Artists Artist's Toolbox
While those are not really Artist`s tools by themselves, knowledge of how to use them well may be a very important tool, not only for fractal artists but for everybody.
Finding the right color combo for your fractals may be pretty tricky, and the coloring can affect the final artwork a lot, sometimes changing it's whole appearance drastically. It is why some color theory info can be a very important tool for fractal artists. Of course it is not a universal rule, but rather a guideline, and will definitely help you to come up with pleasant and meaningful color combinations more easily.

You may read a bit more about it here:
Understanding Color
And an awesome, yet underused,
  Mark Making Using TwigsArtists Tools
When creating traditional art, it is often beneficial for artists to explore as many tools as possible to figure out what Works best for each person, often different methods wields interesting marks that an average brush or pen does not achieve unless it is forced.. 
When using tools that you are not used to, you become slightly vulnerable, you tread on new grounds that you have not yet experienced (unless you have used this method already).
When you use materials that you cannot fully control, you produce works that are uneven and it forces you to make marks that you previously wouldn't have done, leading to some unpredictable pieces of art... the longer the tool the more unpredictable the work.
In this demo I have used a few shrubs bound together using string and a twig, by using ink as a medium I can show you what kind of marks you can achieve
By using this method you can then fill in all the details with whatever you like, similar to wha

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