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Photomanipulation Weekend

Meet New Artists

There’s too many new artists popping up all the time sometimes it's hard to find new talents in a such a big community as Deviantart!.
New talents always arise, but not all get exposure many are still hidden, others get a lot of attention, It's really hard to look for new artists, but you can easily find new talent in art features, for example, so keep an eye on journals, Keep looking and make features to promote our community artists!.

Let's meet some new artists who recently started in our great art community.

Featured Artists

Cristian Maciel started in the community a short time ago, with two photomanips already showing great potential.

Could you tell us a bit about your start in Photoshop and DA community?


I started in the Deviantart community 3 years ago, although my account shows only two years. I used another account with a similar name, so as of today it's been 3 years since the day I created it.

When I made my account, I began to see that I was very weak the arts of the members of the Deviantart were of another dimension compared to mine, They were far ahead, so I focused on them as inspiration, in order to reach their level, or even reach a point when it's them who begin to observe me.

I started working with photoshop about 5 or 6 years ago, but I concentrated more on doing covers for web pages or even for Youtube, doing banners for channels and for my channel of AMVs.

I've also participated in Facebook groups that organized tournaments with some prizes the winner could get cash, materials etc ...

Encantation by Son-Reborn

Iasmina Killha started one year here in Deviantart, with little time showed great talent and recently won her first Daily Deviation.

Could you tell us a bit about your start in Photoshop and DA community?

:iconiasmykillha: beginnings with Photoshop.
Well, I started to do Book Covers on the phone. It was awful, but I liked it, and I wanted to do more. I searched a lot and I found Deviantart for me, it was amazing to see so many artists. I never knew that such a community existed I found out that a lot of people use Photoshop.

My question was: ''What is Photoshop?'', I was sure it was some difficult program for adults. I asked my dad to download it for me, and there it was - on my laptop. As soon as I saw it, I thought ''Well, this is not that hard''. I searched for tutorials on Youtube and I found out a lot of things. One thing I never did was to follow the full tutorial. I watched it, I paid attention, and I moved on.The things I learned were used in my own original projects, I started simple, which helped me a lot.

DA community also helped me. I found out about the contests and the Daily Deviations (never knew what those were). I started to post here on DA one year ago and I continued so far. DA has taught me a lot, other artists were showing me things I never knew. I'm still a beginner in this community, but I hope I will become better in the future.

Ragnarok by IasmyKillha

Irina E. a talented artist with only one year on deviantart, has already won two Daily Deviations.

Could you tell us a bit about your start in Photoshop and DA community?


My first experience with Photoshop was in 2010.
I started with a little photo retouching, once in a while.
Soon enough, I became interested in animation and focused on that. It was my hobby for quite a long time, but one day I wanted to try something new.

Photomanipulation always fascinated me, and by the way, I first learned about photomanipulation through Deviantart's gallery.
I accidentally stumbled on to DA a long ago and since then, I came back to this site again and again. It‘s a great place and an endless source of inspiration. There are so many wonderful artworks and talented artists.

Some time (around 3 years) ago I started learning from tutorials and practicing photomanipulation. When my manipulations began to look more or less acceptable, I finally got up the courage to join DA.

Ruler of the sea by Twinkle-space

Romario is a talented artist from Jamaica. Within a short time on deviantart (1 year), he has already caught the attention of many here and has already received his first Daily Deviation.

Could you tell us a bit about your start in Photoshop and DA community?


I started to do some research about photo editing with Photoshop to get a better understanding of, and by early 2014 I started to do digital art. In that time I learned a lot about photomanipulation, it was really captivating; I really fell in love with it, and watching tutorials about it was really amazing. But I was really impatient, I got frustrated a lot when editing… I even stopped using the software for months, but I got around that. So in that year I learned a lot and started to do manipulation without tutorials.

Whenever I visit websites and watch tutorials I always hear about Deviantart. I always see quotes such, “It‘s always a great place to view quality art and get inspiration”. So I always visited this website. I always wanted to create an account but I was very reluctant in doing so. The quality of art always discouraged me. So I didn’t really create an account until late 2015. I submitted some of my amateur works that day, but Deviantart was still a big pond with some very large fishes. I tried to swim around, but I found out there were even larger fishes than those other big fishes… and when comparing my art to theirs, it really gave me a smack to the self-esteem. I persevered and in 2016 I started to familiarize myself with the website and got the feel of it. I met some very amazing artists and made some pretty cool friends. The manipulation community here is really amazing; they are always encouraging each other. That’s what I really love about DA. Even amateur artists can feel welcomed and don’t have to feel discouraged. We were all amateurs at one point, right?

Temple Of Zuma by JayGraphixx



Photomanipulation Weekend

Here is the picture I did in 2012. (A very bad one, I must admit, I was a beginner):

Yi King 08 - Pi La solidarit l'union by annewipf

Bad composition - lack of depth - light and shadows don't follow the main source of light (the sky light on the background), the center island should be against the light - horrible dark shadow on the right side (looking like a big dirty spot) - bright yellow color on the bottom left side of the picture catching the eye to the detriment of the main subject (the castles) - unatural light reflections, visibly painted, the water doesn't reflect the bright light of the background.

and here is the picture I did recently, using (more or less) the sames stocks:

I Ching 08 - Bi (Holding Together) by annewipf

Credits and links to the stocks used on the new picture I Ching 08 - Bi (Holding Together)


As you can see below, the composition of the new picture follows the very simple rule of the 3x3. The main subjects are grouped in the lower left side of the picture, which gives importance to the beautiful sky, source of light, which gives depth and lightens the composition.

I Ching 08 - Composition by annewipf


The first step for doing a photomanipulation, after composition, is to blend the stock pictures, using adjustment layers (curves, color balance, etc.) with a clipping mask on each stock picture separately, until you get the desired result. Never forget this step, even if it seems a bit tedious, it is the most important for a good result:

I Ching 08 Tutoriel - 1 by annewipf I Ching 08 Tutoriel - 2 by annewipf


A useful tool, when one of the stock pictures is too contrasted, is the "Image">"Adjustments">"Shadows/Highlights" one. Adjust the shadows, but avoid adjusting the lights or your picture may become grayish. I used this tool to mitigate the very dark shadow on the picture of the main castle (left side).

There are several ways to add light and shadows in a picture. You may use the "burn" and "dodge" tools on a grey layer with an overlay mode, for example. The way I like the best (I think it is easier to control) is using curve adjustment layers with layer masks, to lighten or darken the parts I want to. I usually add or remove some yellow color on these curves, to give a sunny effect (more yellow on the light parts, less on the dark ones).

You may add some more yellow in the sunny parts of your picture (here, the grass on the background) using a "color balance" adjustment layer with a layer mask on the top of your layers.

 Another way consists of copying and flattening the copies of all your layers (Shift-Ctrl-Alt-E) and adding some temperature and exposure in the "Camera Raw" Filter; then, with a white brush on a black layer mask, reveal the sunny parts.

I Ching 08 Tutoriel - 3 by annewipf


The farther away a subject, the more desaturated it is (especially the yellow and red tones), and the father subjects also have a soft blur, called atmospheric blur, due to the dust particles floating in the air (reason why a landscape seems sharper after the rain: this one cleaned the atmosphere from its dust particles).

For the saturation, in this particular picture, the hills in the background already give this effect, so I changed nothing.

For the blur, there are 2 ways (I used both):

- If necessary, "Filter">"Convert for Smart Filters" (so, you'd be able to change your settings if necessary) and add a soft gaussian blur (max 2 pxl) on the farthest background and another softer (max 1 pxl) on the smaller
castle and rock.

copy and flatten the copies of all your layers (Shift-Ctrl-Alt-E), "Filter">"Other">"High Pass", more or less 2pxl, overlay mode. Add a black layer mask and, with a large white brush, reveal the nearest parts of the picture: the foreground, the left side castle and hill.

To add some more depth feeling, you can heavily blur the very proximate foreground. On this photo, that would be the grass on the bottom left side . Then, copy the whole picture
(Shift-Ctrl-Alt-E), "Filter">"Blur Gallery">"Field Blur". Add a black layer mask and, with a large soft white brush, reveal the bottom part of the picture.

I Ching 08 Tutoriel - 4 by annewipf


From the tutorial of Elissandro Pinto :icon35-elissandro: :

- Duplicate and invert the part of the image that appears in the reflection, position it above the image.

- Duplicate this layer.

- Add a white layer, use a uniform 50% noise filter. Go to Filters> Filters gallery>Sketch> Bas Relief. Then go to filters> blur> motion blur horizontal 70. Finally, Distort>Perspective. Save the result (under the name "lake" for example) in psd. Delete this layer.

- Back on the previous layer, filters> filters gallery> distort> glass, 12, 2, and, under "Texture", add your
saved document ("lake"). OK.

- Add a layer mask and slightly erase the upper part of the layer.

- Return to the layer below and add a slight Gaussian blur.

I Ching 08 Tutoriel - 5 by annewipf


Now, we'll add the reflections of the bright sky in the water. For those, we'll use only the ordinary Photoshop round brush, with these settings:

- Bright wavelets: Soft white round brush, more or less 80pxl (for a 3000x2000pxl picture), roundness 8%, spacing 50, size jitter 100%, scatter 420%. Paint the wavelets as shown upper on a new layer, color dodge mode.

- Bokeh: Pick the green of the farthest grass for the color. Round brush, more or less 200pxl (for a 3000 x 2000pxl picture), roundness 100%, spacing 90%, size jitter 100%, minimum diameter 50%, scatter 190%. Paint the Bokeh on the bottom of you picture in color dodge mode.

I Ching 08 Tutoriel - 6 by annewipf


Add a thin white line on the parts of the buildings illuminated by the sun, add the birds, and add some adjustment layers on the whole picture until you get the required result. At the end, you can experiment with using very soft opacity layers of "gradiant map",  "color lookup", photofilter, etc. and (I usually use all of these) curves, color balance, selective color (mostly the grey one), "black and white" on a luminosity mode, and vibrance.

I Ching 08 - Bi (Holding Together) by annewipf

Duality - Walkthrough Tutorial

Sat Jun 17, 2017, 2:47 PM by lauraypablo:iconlauraypablo:

Photomanipulation Weekend

Today I'd like to show you how I did a photomanipulation called Duality - "Vida vs Muerte"
  that I've created for a contest some time ago.

This photomanipulation has more than 200 layers and took me 2 weeks to create it.
I hope this step by step will be very useful.


Pixel: Blue Star by apparate I use Photoshop CS6 and Graphic Tablet Wacom Intuous Pixel: Blue Star by apparate


Firstly I want you to see the final result and the material I have used so you can compare between them.

Duality-lauraypablo-before-after by lauraypablo


 Duality lauraypablo.before after LYP by lauraypablo


NOTE: You can find the stock I used at the end of the tutorial.


In this walktrough I would like to show you the step by step of "Duality"

NOTE: The steps below are "my way" to create a photomanipulation, that does not mean that you have
to do it the same way, everyone has their own way of working and you have to do it in the way
that you feel the most comfortable as possible.

Always the first thing I do is choose the model, which will be the center of attraction.

In this case I used 2 models. They will be our protagonists:

A woman who will be "Death"
child who will be "Life"


8 by lauraypablo

Once the models were chosen, what I did was:

- I've removed the background and what is not necessary.
- I worked the skin, hair and imperfections.
- I'll add a background, I look at the contours of the model to check it.

4 by lauraypablo

You can see the result in both models.

Duality-skin by lauraypablo

Nina-skin by lauraypablo

Filters used for skin in both models:

- Surface Blur.
- High Pass.
- Painted over.

Filters used for hair and girl's clothes:

- Oil painting and painted over.

Added the background and the woman in the desired position.

Duality Nuevo 2 by lauraypablo

At first I wanted to use only a model and a butterfly that represented life...

I added a light to see how they looked together but I did not feel very comfortable with the result.

I hid the hair I had painted and I prepared to work on the woman's face, background and water.

As you can see I added the hand with the rose, the water, the sky with the trees and the circle.

5 by lauraypablo

I applied a channel mixer filter on the model layer, I used these values to begin to change

the tone of the dress and the skin, so that they are in harmony.

6 by lauraypablo

I've added the photo of the skulls on the face of the model, I put it in overlay mode, I added a layer mask

and deleted what was not needed

I use the dodge and burn tool to illuminate and obscure the details of the skulls.

11-a by lauraypablo

As you can see now the skulls have more depth by emphasizing the lights and dark tones and that's really important.

: The Dodge and Burn tools I apply on a new layer ALWAYS, fusion mode: OVERLAY.

In that same layer go to: Edit--->Fill--->50%Grey--->Mode: Normal--->Opacity: 100%

12 by lauraypablo

The brush I use is a circular hard and diffuse and VERY SMALL SIZE.
You can create all the layers you need.

Then I painted inside her eyes with a light gray color and I have lowered the opacity of the layer,
which should be at 85% in Screen mode. Then in a new layer I added a small illumination in her pupil
with a circular diffuse brush, so it gives the sensation of reflection with white color.

13 Eyes by lauraypablo

I added the girl, in this case the arms are not seen, therefore I had to "create them".

For that I used the tool "LIQUIFY".

I spread them out and paint them to give them the latest touches and make them look real.

Duality Nuevo 4 by lauraypablo

I hide the skulls from the woman's face to try out other alternatives such as scar brushes, cracks brushes, etc.

Once I added the other protagonist of our photo-manipulation, who will be the "Life", I added

a filter to balance the color between the characters and the background.

I also paint veins and scars and add hair to both characters.

27 by lauraypablo

Close Up: Scars and Veins(Painted By me)

Cicatrices Close Up Ok by lauraypablo

Girls's Filters

2 8 Filtros Nia by lauraypablo

I have merged all the layers of the filters with the layer of the girl and then duplicated the result.
In other words, we would have two layers equal to the layer we have, we will apply a motion blur filter with
the following values:

29 by lauraypablo

Motion Blur Result Without a Girl

19 Nia Desenfoque D Movimiento by lauraypablo

At this point I begin to add lights, details, water brushes, details on the girl's dress and

now I know that the light source will come from the hands of the girl.

You always need to know where the light is come from.

Detalles-de-luces by lauraypablo

My advice regarding lights is to create as many layers and folders as necessary and also

separate them by objects, characters and colors because if you later regret it, it will be

easier to correct it, believe me.

The lights and many of the details are the last thing I do in a photomanipulation and it is also my favorite part.

You can add lights in different blending modes, in this case I used:

- Lighten Mode.
- Overlay Mode.
- Screen Mode.
- Linear Dodge (Add)

In the following image you can see it in detail:

Detalles-de-luces-2 by lauraypablo

I have also applied the "Color LookUp" filter and 2 Gradient layers.

Filter Ultimos by lauraypablo


Ultimo Filtro1 by lauraypablo


Ultimo Filtro2 by lauraypablo


Ultimo Filtro3-1 by lauraypablo
Ultimo Filtro3-2 by lauraypablo

When I'm doing a manipulation I always change things but I think it's important you save the pictures with

your "step by step" because then you'll see the process from your artwork and compare between them.

I'd like to share with you some pictures I've saved to compare betweeen them.

Now you can see and appreciate much better the lights and details as well.


DUALITY NUEVO luz by lauraypablo


Duality  Sin Fondo by lauraypablo

Duality Sin Fondo 2 by lauraypablo


Duality Nuevo 5 by lauraypablo


Duality Lights Death by lauraypablo


Resultado-final by lauraypablo


Duality - Vida vs Muerte by lauraypablo


:iconbirdsistersstock: Little Girl:  Ashes Stock 4 by BirdsistersStock
:iconliam-stock: Woman:  Damia 2 by liam-stock
:iconliam-stock: Woman (arm/rose):  Damia 1 by liam-stock
:icondeniseworisch: Wings:  White Queen Wings by DeniseWorisch
:iconpure-poison89: Water:  Premade 10 by Pure-Poison89
:iconwesley-souza: Background:  Night with Starry Sky Premade by Wesley-Souza
:iconmariasemelevich: Sparks:  Sparks 2 by MariaSemelevich
:iconthalija-stock: Skulls:  bones - 004 skull wall by thalija-STOCK
:iconfotojenny: Texture:  Grunge texture by fotojenny

:icondeviney: Background, Texture, Brushes (cracks-water-debris and optical flares) 
Water Riples Pixabay
The rest painted by me and my own resources

I want to thak to :icongejda: and :iconqueen-kitty: for the help :huggle:

Only a Mouse in Hand

Sat Jun 17, 2017, 7:25 AM by Shirokibo:iconshirokibo:

Photomanipulation Weekend
Is it possible to photomanipulate without a tablet? Yes — yes, it is. I've been a photomanipulation artist for about four years now. The first three years had no trace of a tablet. I remember thinking that without it, I can't do a lot of things that others with tablets can do. That's not entirely true. Even after acquiring a Wacom of my own last August, I've only been using it for slight touch-ups here and there, unless I challenged myself a bit more, by digitally painting some elements into my artwork instead of using proper stock photos. So, in this article, I'm going to share with you techniques that can help you through some photomanipulation steps with only a mouse in hand.


There are two methods that I know of. Perhaps you've seen a lot of photomanipulation pieces in which artists had drawn the outline of models/objects on their artwork to create the perfect lighting. Recreating it is possible without the tablet, just slightly more tedious.

1. Pen tool

Select an appropriate colour, use the pen tool to outline the model/object you'd want light to hit on, and there you have it. You might also want to consider using filters like colour dodge to create a better effect, but it's not always the case.

I used this method here, as you can see on the wooden fence:
Through Day and Night by Shirokibo

2. Inner shadow

(Forward the video to 44:45)
This method gives a more natural lighting.

I still use this method a lot, but here's one from April 2016:

Beauty Within by Shirokibo


I have seen a comment or two in description boxes saying how the artists wished they had a tablet so they could touch up the model's hair, and make the overall look of their photomanipulated artwork better. I was definitely one of them. However, since we're photomanipulation artists without tablets, what can we do to make the model's hair look decent enough?

1. Channels

2. Select and mask

Refine edge for older Photoshop versions.

Touching-up Hair

I am aware that all the methods mentioned above can only truly work if the background of the stock photo is plain and contrasted against the main subject, but because it's not often we find model stock photos with a clean background, a little bit of touching up is necessary to make the overall look of the hair natural. Here is the method I used, using whatever could be cut by Photoshop as a base.

I used the refining edge and pen tool methods here, in an artwork made in 2015:

Whispers by Shirokibo


Since I started to learn photomanipulating process from tutorials on the internet, I haven't found anything that couldn't be done with mouse as good as with tablet. I guess it's kind of easier to overpaint with tablet's pen, but I learned to do it with mouse without any difficulties. It only takes a little bit of time and patience.

- - -

I really hope this is useful to you! Happy creating!


At projecteducate we're trying a new type of regular mini contests of sorts where we encourage you to tap into your creative juices and produce some form of art, related to a specific theme or prompt. If you have any recommendations or thoughts on types of contests or challenges you'd like to see, please let us know! The point is that these are quick little contests that also challenge your ability to produce something quickly, so don't fret, we are not expecting masterpieces that would normally take you a month or more to produce.


Produce a piece of art, whether it be a poem, a painting, a photo, a sketch, etc, that is related to the concept of the apocalypse. The apocalypse is defined as "the complete final destruction of the world, especially as described in the biblical book of Revelation" but it does not need to be religious. Basically create a piece of any art medium somehow related to the end of the world, you can interpret this in many many ways, you could create a piece related to preparing for the apocalypse, during it, after it, showing the human side, the perspective from space, the cause of the apocalypse, just let your imagination run wild.


  • Your deviation must be NEW - created AND posted after the posting of this journal.
  • Your deviation must be submitted via comment on this journal.
  • Your deviation should link this journal in its description.
  • If it is not already clear, your deviation should be accompanied by a brief comment explaining how it relates to the prompt.


Tuesday June 20th at 11h59 PM Pacific Time (Los Angeles)


1 winner will be chosen and receive either a 3 month core membership or 1200 Points
ALL entries will be featured in the announcement journal of the winner.

Winner Challenge #2:

Thorned Heart brooch by queenofexecutions

Thorned Heart brooch by queenofexecutions

All other entries to Challenge #2:

We were very happy to see many entries to challenge #2, if you have suggestions on prompts you'd like us to use in future issues of this challenge, please leave your ideas as a comment on this journal!

Unrequited Love by DrKrzy La Voz de DoloresI've been trained to wait for scraps
of attention, an affection so sparse that
a look in my direction was downright poetry,
it was a taste of music in a silent world
I would hold out for the very last note,
feast on its echoes, feel satisfied and
empty and hungry for more, always more
and that was my shame, wasn't it?
That I could and would watch her eat,
glutted from the meal of my devotions,
but when she let me lick the spoon
I thought maybe she loved me too.
Unrequited love by GeorgeXVII The Last Rose by Secretadmires She'd wed him never by DelilahHyuuga238

Mature Content

The Logical Approach by 2dazed
A love like the universe - CE by LadyMalvoliosander Silver RunAlong the county line, adjoining
corridors of sweet tobacco
and sorghm, a river twirls -
shifting red clay, stones gleam
beneath the current.
I remain silt;
tossed in her
Unrequited Love by KaidaYinThyme It's Never Meaningless to Love Someone by Stormy-Sketch Mermaid Tears by pegasuswarrior

Mature Content

Unrequited Love by L-L-arts

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