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December 4, 2013


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Fractal Software To Create These Beautiful Fractals

Lady Compassion by SuicideBySafetyPin   Charged by thargor6
There are many different kinds of fractal generating software out there, just waiting for an artist to create beautiful fractal images.
Many of them are free and some of them even have creators who are members here at Deviant Art!.
There are groups available that are devoted to specific programs....and there are groups that  solicit your art no matter which
software you choose to use.  
  This journal will by no means be exhaustive, or complete....
.....but will give you some idea as to where YOU might like to start on your fractal-creating journey.


Golden City by Aexion   Mandelbrot Spiral by Aexion  Caged Dodecahedron by fraxialmadness3   Strawberry by Nanikona  Hidden Mandelbrots by Aexion
SILVER SHINE by GeaAusten  23-04-12 Another stinger - very nasty! by bjman  Life Raft by AureliusCat  Steel Wrapped by AureliusCat 
12-03-13 Sculpture at Manchester Airport by bjman  Queens Crossed by GraphicLia  Rotraud by GLO-HE  Incendia Ex by nic022  


created by :iconaexion:

Incendia is a 3D Multiprocessor Fractal Engine that allows you to explore the realm of the 3D fractals.
The program is in a development stage and has the following features:

1024, 2048, 2560 and 3072 px image resolutions (4096 and 8192 px for donors)

  • Supports 2X Antialiasing for smooth fractal renders
  • 45 3D fractal types (many to come in next releases)
  • Fractal Scripting support, for creating new fractal types
  • Texture library that allow to import external ones
  • Color Gradient support
  • Multiple Rendering Styles (Including volumetric fog and many new render shaders)
  • Multicore render engine
  • 3D Baseshapes for Fractal based constructions (includes six different displacement mapping baseshapes)
  • Fractal Tranformation Editor
  • 3D baseshape Editor
  • Material Editor
  • 3D Mesh Export (volumetric mesh exports up to 1000x1000x1000 voxels for donors)
  • Buffer Saving (for long renders)
  • Animation Support
There is wonderful group support at IncendiaryArt   and you can find this FREE software download here


 Snow and Sunrise by tatasz I Don't Sleep I Dream by chaotic-symmetry  F0105 glitchstyle by Prelkia
Tornades by SaTaNiA  Flogold by Digithalie  Plum Magic by tiffrmc720  Swirling gnarl by innac
Bhagwan by PlasticMushroom  3rd Eye Blind by pillemaster  Apo-Chall 8 - Pale to Medium BG by Lupsiberg


created by  :iconxyrus-02:

Apophysis is an open source fractal flame editor and renderer for Microsoft Windows and Macintosh.
Apophysis has many features for creating and editing fractal flames, including an editor which allows one to directly edit the transforms by manipulating triangles,  a mutations window, which applies random edits to the triangles, an adjust window, which allows the adjustment of coloring and location of the image.
Be sure and check out the  :iconthe-aposhack:  chat-room for everything fractal related!


Consciousness by SpiritMountain  Purple and Gold by Thelma1  The Folds of 08-21-13 by annemaccat  Electricity by ZMastah94  
The Trojan Mango by 2BORN02B  Soulis: Dolphins by soulis0  No Escape or Alice In Chains by HalTenny  Mandelbrot Spiral by fraxialmadness3
Dispersion by AbstractedEye  The beauty of mathematics by M-i-t-c-h-e-l  Lovely And Red by jim88bro  Soulis: Asymptotics I by soulis0

Fractal Explorer

introduces  you to the world of fractals. A world that seems to be chaotic but when you look closer, patterns emerge. Not only are fractals theoretical mathematical constructs; the theory of fractals can be applied to fractals in nature, too.
Fractals are fascinating objects. Coastlines, mountains, trees, ferns and many more are fractals and cannot be calculated by general geometry. Fractal Geometry has to be applied to them to understand and calculate them. But Even if one does not understand the complex mathematics behind the fractals nevertheless they are stunning.
Fractal Explorer is a freeware fractal generator that can produce mysterious and beautiful mathematically-based images. Not just a tool for professionals, FE can provide hours of entertainment for beginners and experts alike.
You can download it for free here…


A Deafening Arena by DsyneGrafix  Falling Glass by Undead-Academy  get a grip by taurus66  #000118 by LightBulbMoon

adamantine pelvic bone by fraterchaos 131114 1b by ciokkolata  MB13  My Old Fractal by Xantipa2 

We Come In Many Sizes by Undead-Academy  Processing by eMBeeL  No Volumetric Light by TABASCO-RAREMASTER  What I Beheld Next Was Indeterminable by CO99A5  First contact by FractalDesire

Mandelbulb,  Mandelbulber,  and Mandelbulb  3D

The Mandelbulb is a three-dimensional analogue of the Mandelbrot set, constructed by Daniel White and Paul Nylander using spherical coordinates.  Mandelbulber is an experimental application that helps to make rendering 3D Mandelbrot fractals much more accessible. A few of the supported 3D fractals: Mandelbulb, Mandelbox, BulbBox, JuliaBulb, Menger Sponge, Quaternion, Trigonometric, Hypercomplex, and Iterated Function Systems (IFS). All of these can be combined into infinite variations with the ability to hybridize different formulas together.
Visit to find out about the application, download it, and see some of the amazing images that fractal artists have created using the software.
Mandelbulber: 3D Fractal Explorer   There is also a version called Mandelbulber created by
Krzysztof Marczak.  It is an easy to use, handy but experimental application designed to help you render 3D Mandelbrot fractals such as the Mandelbulb and some other kind of 3D fractals like the Mandelbox, BulbBox, JuliaBulb, Menger Sponge, and Iterated Function Systems (IFS).
  • Completely free, GNU GPL licence
  • Runs under Windows and Linux (also 64-bit)
  • GUI in GTK+ environment
  • Complex 3D shading: hard shadows, ambient occlusion, environment mapping, fog, Depth of Field
  • Key-frame animation of all floating-point parameter

And for more information about the Mandelbulb 3D software:

Check out  this  active and friendly resource...
(… where a lot of discussion and work has been done with Mandelbulb 3d. 


Fire Lyre by FarDareisMai Illuminati and apo! by Dead-Levaithan  loonie gnarl 225 by Epogh 
Theatre Of Possibilities by AkuraPare Bozonga by Fiery-Fire Dandelion by fractist Matrices by guagapunyaimel
Tangled by lindelokse volcanic heat by Fiery-Fire Simply Smooth by f--l--A--r--k Wallpaper - Fire in the splits by SaTaNiA


created by  :iconlyc:

A new program that has come to the fractal communities notice is called CHAOTICA
Chaotica is a next-generation fractal art application, designed for both novices and professional artists.
Novice users can enjoy editing randomized fractals to easily produce gorgeous, customized desktop wallpapers, perfect for HD displays.
Professional users will particularly value the fast, modern rendering engine.
 Print-sized images are easily produced, and real-time imaging controls dramatically accelerate your workflow.


Fat Flower by ScraNo  Strawberry and Mint Dream by Kancano The Vergence by Tate27kh copper pinwells by bluartdesign2012
Rainbow1 by Digithalie  Mobius by bunnywithrose  Sparkling Flower by TropicalCreations   Liquid by thargor6
Jewelry by thargor6  Prismn Gnarly by littleriverqueen  Scripted by JahPickney You Are Close To My Heart by Anyzamarah 

J Wildfire

created by:  Andreas Maschke   (Thargor6 on Deviant Art)

JWildire is the spiritual successor of the award winning special effect program Wildfire7PPC for the Amiga but this time implemented in Java and with a more sophisticated user interface and more cool effects. JWildfire works with Windows and Linux! :-) (Smile) 
Flame fractals
The currently most complete feature is  the flame fractal module “T.I.N.A.” which is currently the most powerful and versatile flame fractal software available.
It features an powerful and intuitive editor, a simple-to-use morphing-based animation-editor, a gradient-editor, a module were you can create sound-synchronized flame fractal -movies, and much more.
  • Key Features:
  • Download Link >>
    Contains the most versatile and complete Fractal Flame Editor available

  • stunning 3D effects (such as wave3D, water, twirl3d, …)
  • 3D effect superimposition (e. g. wave3D interference)
  • image composition (layers, even for HDR images)
  • image generators (perlin noise, cloud generator, plasma, …)
  • many “common” image processing effects in 2D (such as twirl, erode, convolve, …)
  • simple, powerful and visual appealing graphical user interface
  • Sunflow renderer integration for high quality rendering (experimental)
  • robust and object-oriented software-design, easy to extend
  • runs on any major platform which features a Java runtime (does not mean that you need a Java plugin for your Web browser)


  • Cache-cache by basantis  Spring Time Fun by Chazagirl  fract33 by mjdezo  Sea Star by maya49m 5.31.13 C by annemaccat
  • 2012-08-12 XAOS test 2 - BAT STORM by novectors  Silver Badge by mjdezo  Light Blue by maya49m  Green Infinity by maya49m  Ribbon Stairs by Lion6255
  • Strange Beauty by heyday93  Happy Birthday Don by peinturealuile  A Storm Named Nemo...ETA...soon. by auntDevi  KUNDALINI by ScraNo

  • Xaos  (which means to cancel "chaos"!)

  • created by:   Thomas Marsh and Jan Hubicka. 

  • XaoS is an interactive fractal zoomer. It allows the user to continuously zoom in or out of a 
  • fractal in a fluid, continuous motion. This capability makes XaoS great for exploring fractals, and it’s fun!
  • If you don’t know what fractals are, don’t worry. XaoS includes many animated tutorials that 
  • make learning about fractals fun and easy. These tutorials are also a great introduction to all of XaoS’s features. 


Noname30 by fractales75  Underfoot by GrannyOgg  Crabs through the port hole by AnnaKirsten  Iconography by FarDareisMai  Other Windows by LaraBLN

  • Mosaic by Fractalisa  Reappearance of Metaphysical Exclusion by Margot1942  Fractal Orange Blossoms by wolfepaw  Turquoise Twirl by BrususArt  I just can't help it. by CopperColour
  • Frills by Shadoweddancer  UF-Calligraphics by Lupsiberg  Crazy Gumbo by z00reka  Gold and Silver by Klytia70  Hyper Threading by Jimpan1973

Ultra Fractal

  • created by :  Frederik Slijkerman
  •  Ultra Fractal is a great way to create your own fractal art. Today, fractals are much more than 
  • the Mandelbrot sets that you may have seen before.

  • With Ultra Fractal, you can choose from thousands of fractal types and coloring algorithms, 
  • zoom in as far as you want, use gradients to add color, and apply multiple layers to combine 
  • different fractals in one image.
  • Ultra Fractal is very easy to use and yet more capable than any other fractal program. No mathematics required!

  • The downloaded evaluation version is fully functional, except that exported and rendered images are marked as written by an evaluation copy.
  • If you have a license for Ultra Fractal 5, enter it when starting the program to turn the trial version into a full version.
  • If you want to keep using Ultra Fractal after the 30-day trial period,
  • you must purchase a copy in the Ultra Fractal shop. You can also purchase a site license if you need more than one copy.
  • Right now it runs between   $39.00  and   $129.00   American Dollars
  • For more information about purchasing check it out here

Be sure and check out  :iconUltra-Fractal-Redux:  for some fun and challenges,  as well as support
for beginner and expert alike!


There are still so MANY other different types available to be used that I could not list them all 
in image form, but here below are some places to help in your search
for the perfect Fractal Software:

:iconfractal-resources:  :iconapophysis:  :iconallthingsfractal:  :iconchaos-in-chaos:

:iconfractalvisions:  :iconthe-aposhack:   :iconfractaldreams:  :iconfractal-forms:  :iconchaoticafractals:

:icondailyfractalfeatures:  :iconapo-weekly-challenge:  :iconfractals-in-mono:  :iconuf-artists:  :iconfractaluniversum:

:icondouble-ducks:  :iconfractal-museum:  :iconthe-fractalbest:  :icontoldbyfractalartists:

:iconmandelbulb3dteasers:  :iconfractalphiles:  :iconapocontest:  :iconmandelbulbfractals:  :iconspiral-fractals:



Bubblicious by Velvet--Glove  Senuwe by infinite-art  Rational Classic by Jimpan1973 the old and the flux by piethein21Isabella by Lady-Compassion  
pink shiny construction by Andrea1981G Desvres Faience by GrahamSym Fractalholic 4408 by Fractalholic Now Hear This by Artico621
Riche Gold by Frankief  Spinning Tops by Direct2Brain  Aug13 Quilt2 by Gerda1946
Pure by BlurWing  Patchwork with Diamonds by viperv6  Mid Night Special by Lady-Compassion 
 Sellerie by Bramvan  Dominating The Board by CO99A5
DiskUnkSHaX1x3b120 by BlurWing  Cut In Half, What a Thing To Do by Artico621


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