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PE Feedback: Groups Highlight!

Mon Jul 2, 2012, 12:06 PM by zungzwang:iconzungzwang:


Hello, everyone. :happybounce:

Welcome to the Feedback Frenzy, a week filled with constructed critiques and interaction between deviants who are searching for the same thing: to improve their art by receiving feedback on their artworks.


However, many deviants are always eager to receive constructive feedback (or even to give feedback to others!) and there are plenty of groups around deviantART that focus and specialize in giving and receiving feedback of the highest quality!


Dedicated "Comment" groups:

:iconprojectcomment: ProjectComment "is a Group of many projects centered around comments, but, more importantly, constructive comments."


Dedicated "Critique" groups:

:iconcritiquecommunity: CritiqueCommunity "is a place where everyone participates, helping others help themselves. This is not a group where people come to simply post their art and leave, it is a town within a large city that works together to better itself and everyone in it."

:iconcritique-exchange: Critique-Exchange is a group that focus on the interaction between deviants who willing to give and receive quality critiques.

:iconcritique-it: Critique-It's mission "is to facilitate that exchange through concentrated commenting efforts that focus on improvement, encouragement, and education."

:iconfeedbackrevolution: FeedbackRevolution is a group that focus in giving and receiving quality feedback.

:icongimmefeedback: GimmeFeedback's concept is simple: "You give people critiques, they give you critiques. Join the group if you're looking for meaningful and constructive comments!"

:icongoldencritique-club: GoldenCritique-Club is a group with a focus on critiques where all their members can critique other deviant's works and get their artworks critiqued.

:iconimprovement-club: Improvement-Club is the place to go "if you need some tips and tricks, corrections on your art or you want to share your knowledge."

:iconiwantfeedback: IWantFeedback "is all about giving each other feedback and constructive comments about each other's artworks."

:iconuncritic: UnCritic "provides a service meant for unsubscribed members of the deviantART community to be able to take advantage of the knowledge of other artists here and to improve based on that."


Photography Groups (offering feedback)

:iconilovephotographyclub: iLovePhotographyClub is a group for the lovers of the art of photography that offers quality feedback.

:iconphotographersdream: PhotographersDream's mission is to  to promote unknown photographers that try their hardest, creating an environment that helps fellow artists improve.


Digital Art Groups (offering feedback)

:iconfeedbackhub: FeedbackHub is "a community of photomanipulation artists who are interested in feedback on their work and on giving feedback to others."


Traditional Art Groups (offering feedback)

:icontraditional-artists: Traditional-Artists is "aimed at bringing together, promoting and sharing skills between traditional artists and artisans of all styles and levels of ability. "


Literature Groups (offering feedback)

:iconthe-writers-review: The-Writers-Review's statement is to change "the lack of feedback for literature on dA. It is a group focused on giving literature the attention it deserves by critiquing and commenting."

:iconfeedback4literature: feedback4literature is a group that focus in giving and receiving critiques on literature works.

Phew, that's it! So many groups for you to join, eh? :la:

What are you waiting for? Participate in this Feedback Frenzy! :eager:

Pedro (zungzwang)

Kaz-D Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Awesome resource!
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